Who We Are

Welcome to Hosea Connection

Gerrie and Martie Malan were married in 1970. He started out in a new career in the South African Correctional Services soon after and remained with that department for 25 years. The couple were transferred many times through the years and also moved between Cape Town and Pretoria twice a year for eight years while Gerrie was a member of the Correctional Services’ parliamentary staff. Needless to say, while Martie worked for shorter spells during those 25 years, she was mostly found in the role of homemaker, raising their three children in what was often difficult circumstances.

After being released on pension through sheer burnout in 1995, Gerrie became a lecturer in Correctional Services Management for the Technikon SA, which was later amalgamated with the University of South Africa. It was in this time that they left the reformed church in which they were both raised and embarked on a search for biblical truth through the Pentecostal and Charismatic environments.  This journey proved to be a learning experience second to none.  It provided wonderful experiences, but unfortunately also exposed them to man-made doctrines and practices they found raising more and more questions as they studied the Scriptures intensively.

Martie had in the meantime taken up studies in Bible-based counselling and was soon joined by Gerrie.  While she specialised in the area of emotional healing, he focused on spiritual warfare.  Once again they gained valuable knowledge – even in the sense of identifying unbiblical practices. Gerrie progressed into further studies in ministry and carried on untill he completed a doctorate in Systematic Theology.  His thesis focussed on the “born again” and “in Christ” concepts and it has already given birth to his first book, The Lamp Of The Lord, a focus on the biblical concepts of soul and spirit.  Martie’s focus turned to intensive Bible study on various doctrines, including the biblical end-times content, but setting aside all the popular modern books and audio-visual material that so strongly influences the human mind.

A home fellowship of five in April 2001 quickly grew into a weekly meeting of 50.  The group eventually became a formalised congregation (Hosea Christian Family Church).  This congregation later amalgamated with another, with Gerrie and Martie taking up leadership of the Bible College.  Today they are not connected by membership of any denomination, and free of denominational chains and stumbling blocks, they are able to focus on searching unhindered for biblical truth to the many questions they have developed from their journey through the Reformed, Pentecostal and Charismatic traditions.  Unlike many others who have turned their back on the Bible in similar processes, they feel they have gained much more understanding of the Bible’s simple truth when it is stripped of the many centuries of philosophising and pollution that has robbed humanity of the kingdom living God wanted for them.  Before relocating to the Hibiscus Coast of KwaZulu-Natal in September 2013, they fellowshipped at a small congregation in the town of Koppies in South Africa’s Free State Province, where the pastoral couple understood and appreciated their heart to rightly divide the word of truth. Currently they are not attached to any denomination or congregation and are focusing on their writing and sharing their understanding through this website and their various free e-books.

A search for Biblical truth of doctrines

        The resources available on this website are part result of Gerrie and Martie’s search to discern biblical truth amidst the many man-made doctrines on end-times issues Christians are being confronted with.  While they have no wish to be controversial, both accept that their work will often be controversial as they unavoidably address traditions and holy cows of the many organisational Christian environments. They are simply two pilgrims on a journey seeking to understand the Bible, the word of truth, in its true and intended context. Their approach is not one of trying to prove or disprove any specific doctrines, but to present their renewed understanding of the Scriptures as they study them anew. By doing that, they hope to contribute constructively to the Bible study of their readers. In the end, none of us can pass the responsibility for our understanding and beliefs on to others,but have to take that responsibility on ourselves. The frightening array of doctrines confronting Christian believers clearly underline the danger of allowing others to interpret the Bible for us, while we blindly take anything they say for the truth.