‘n Boek wat akkurate verstaan van die Skrifte fasiliteer - basiese, belangrike beginsels om in ag te neem en wys op verdraaiings deur filosofiese praktyke en foute weens subjektiwiteit in Bybelvertalings. Belangrikheid van kultuurinvloed onderstreep

Research shows many Christians have not been taught basic principles of Bible interpretation. This book deals with those basic concepts and principles to help the average reader to discern between true original meanings of Scripture and philosophy.

Revisiting the doctrines of Predestination and Election against the biblical context

'n Versameling van artikels oor grondliggende geloofs-waarhede.

A compilation of articles written by the authors on foundational faith matters over most of a decade.

End-times prophecies receive prominence in media to an extent never thought possible before. Some are rooted in the book of Daniel. This search for truth in Daniel is stripped of modern pollution and will be stimulating.

Weens prominensie van eindtydprofesie die afgelope jare het die skrywers opnuut Jesus van Nasaret se eindtydprofesie (Matt. 24) ondersoek. Hierdie beknopte boek sal die gemiddelde leser help om bybelse feit in konteks van filosofie te onderskei.

Prominence given to end-times topics in the past years have led the authors to revisit Jesus of Nazareth’s end-times prophecy in Matthew 24. This concise book will help the average reader to discern biblical fact in context from philosophy.

People have always been intrigued by the soul-spirit concept, which the Bible does not define clearly. Christians often hear teaching based on assumption and philosophising clothed in biblical terminology. This book clarifies these abstract concepts.
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